“It’s Time” Community Awareness Campaign

It’s Time for the Eden community to be consulted and involved with the Snug Cove development projects.

The Commonwealth and State Governments and the Council will spend at least $25 million to transform Snug Cove into a cruise ship port and a safe harbour with a marina basin over the next 2 years or so.

This is literally a once in a lifetime opportunity for Eden for jobs growth and investment.

The changes made to the port will be permanent, will determine the future of Snug Cove and will have significant implications for the Eden economy for decades ahead.

If the projects are effectively combined, the outcome will be very positive for both the cruise ships and the safe harbour marina basin project.

A combined project will provide the best, most continuous economic benefit with minimum long term risk for Eden and the south coast region. It will future proof the port.

If this is not achieved and one or other project is seriously compromised, Eden will have lost a fantastic opportunity.

It’s Time for the community to get moving and make sure Eden gets the outcome it needs.

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