POEM Media Release: Eden Safe Harbour Project Moves Ahead

The future of the Snug Cove marina depends on the design of the attenuator.

The commencement of the attenuator construction phase of the Safe Harbour Project is getting closer, POEM Secretary, Rob Bain said today. As a consequence a new Eden marina industry with marina linked jobs and investment is, also, that much closer.

$10 million from the NSW Government for the attenuator is making the whole project possible.

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IMC EOI Review

“The proposed attenuator alignment would lead to the loss of about 100 berths relative to the 170 berth marine concept … making the marina non-commercial at 70 berths. Also, we have strong doubts as to the “moderate” wave climate being suitable for a marina where maximum wave heights in the protected area could well be in excess of 1m.”

International Marine Consultants’ Wave Attenuator Contract EOI Review (PDF)

Eden Marina Project Underway At Last

The NSW Government has advised the Port of Eden Community Liaison Group (23 August 2017) that it will be calling for expressions of interest for a wave attenuator in Snug Cove in October this year.
The EOI process will be followed by calling tenders for construction.
This is welcome news for the Eden community and the Port of Eden Marina Association (POEM).  Years of studies, meetings and lobbying – plus the ongoing support from Andrew Constance – are at last paying off.
Eden is the only deepwater port for small vessels in South East NSW and East Gippsland. The addition of a safe harbour in Snug Cove will be very welcome by permanent and transiting boats, including the Sydney-Hobart fleet.
The main criteria for the attenuator will be creating the maximum protected area in Snug Cove without impacting on the berthing pocket for the cruise ships and ensuring that marina wave requirements are met.
While the visual impact of the attenuator may, initially, be quite stark, once the Snug Cove Safe Harbour is more or less full of boats, both the appearance and value of the attenuator to Eden will become very obvious.

Ministers tour Eden wharf, firing ‘a rocket’ at bureaucratic delays to extension

Andrew Constance (Member for Bega, Minister for Transport and Infrastructure) and Paul Toole (Minister for Lands and Forestry) came to Eden last Monday, 5 June, to announce that the dredging would start soon and be followed up by construction of the wharf extension for the cruise ships and the attenuator for the marina.

They stressed that the overall Eden port development comprises both the cruise ship and safe harbour/marina components.

Ministers are clearly frustrated by the bureaucratic delays in commencing the project.

They were also adamant that the attenuator must be very robust as they do not want to risk spending money on a structure that may not withstand a major storm. They appeared to effectively rule out Lands’ earlier concept of a floating attenuator.

The discussions that we had with the Wild Oats people during and just after the Sydney-Hobart have paid off as Andrew Constance highlighted the importance of Eden having a safe harbour with marina berths in case the race hits a serious storm.

The below link to the Eden Magnet website story provides a good overview of the visit.


POEM welcomes Cruise Ship Project Funding

POEM Media Release 23 May 2016

“POEM members warmly welcome the announcement by the Premier of NSW the Hon Mike
Baird MP and the Member for Bega and NSW Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, the
Hon Andrew Constance, MP that the NSW Government has allocated an additional $29
million for the Snug Cove wharf extension project.

The strong support provided by the Commonwealth Government and the Bega Valley Shire
Council have also been vital to this landmark infrastructure project.

This will make a total of $44 million, comprising the State ($32 million), Commonwealth
($10 million) and Bega Valley Shire Council ($2 million). This is a massive injection of funds
into Eden and the south east region and should provide the basis for a major expansion of
cruise ship activity, local business and substantial, related growth of regional tourism”, the
President of POEM, Fritz Drenkhahn said today.

“lt is fantastic to see the support that Eden is getting from the governments involved. Much
of the credit must go to the local people who have been dedicated to this project for years.

The Cruise Eden group and people such as Gale Ward and Jenny Robb are to be thanked and
congratulated. They are certainly entitled to celebrate.”

“The next step in the overall port development is an attenuator for a commercial marina in
a Snug Cove safe harbour. This will bring year round jobs, investment and additional
tourism – the economic stimulus that Eden clearly needs.”

“We look forward to working with other community groups and all levels of government to
assist in achieving this next goal for Eden and the region.”

Contact POEM for more details.

Eden Community Decides

POEM Media Release: Eden Community Decides

On Wednesday night at the Fishermens Club an Eden community meeting put the long term secure development of the port as the number one priority by voting convincingly for a combination of both projects-a 170 berth marina/safe harbour and the wharf extension for cruise ships with a berthing pocket 160m wide, POEM President, Fritz Drenkhahn said today. > More