The Issue

  • South west gales in Twofold Bay cause significant damage to recreational and commercial shipping in the Port of Eden
  • Snug Cove is officially described as an unsafe port for small vessels because of its exposure to south west gales.
  • Recreational and commercial vessels are damaged in the Port of Eden every year and it is not possible for the great potential of Snug Cove as a major small boat hub to be realised.
  • Onshore economic development of and investment in the Snug Cove precinct is severely curtailed.

Typical Supporting Statement

“For those boat owners that regularly sail the NSW coast, the significance of Eden as an important port of call cannot be overstated. Located about 40 nautical miles north of the Victorian border, it is the last all weather port to which yachtsmen have access before entering Bass Strait. Conversely, it is also the port that yachtsmen call into after a voyage across the Strait from Tasmania or from ports to the west in Victoria and South Australia. And for those seeking shelter from the type of weather this part of the world is notorious for, Eden is the safest, if not the only, destination for hundreds of miles around.” Anton le Rutte, Boat Owners Association of NSW