Port of Eden Marina Inc (POEM) is a registered, non-profit community association formed in 2010 to promote economic development and jobs in Eden and the region through the establishment of a safe harbour and marina in Snug Cove.

We actively lobby government at Commonwealth, State and local levels, liaise with the private sector and maintain contact with and support from a wide range of boating and yachting organisations.

POEM membership is open to all. We have over 40 members with two classes of membership, full membership currently costing $100 per year and associate membership $20 per year.

The budget is largely spent on communication with the community and government through brochures, media contact and, on one occasion, a highly successful public meeting of 260 people in Eden. The website is a new addition to the program.

Full members receive reasonably frequent reports on progress on the safe harbour development and are invited to have input at any stage, associate members receive an update from time to time.

Contact us for further details.