Snug Cove Attenuator Getting Closer

POEM Media Release 13 August 2020

POEM welcomes the announcement that the tender process for the Eden Safe Harbour attenuator is expected to commence in November 2020, POEM Secretary Dr Rob Bain said today.

While this project is taking longer that we would have hoped, it will, for many years, be the backbone for major development of recreational boating-yachting, amateur fishing, diving, whale watching, etc with support activities such as repairs, maintenance, plus tourism facilities in the Snug Cove precinct. It will provide the basis for a safe, all weather marina development with new jobs, increased tourism and economic development in Eden and the SE Region.

The specifications and design of the project are essentially the same as the ones that were agreed by POEM and all relevant state government departments in 2018. The $19m budget cap remains but there are two major changes from 2018/19

There will be open competitive tenders instead of a single preferred tenderer, and

The estimated cost of the ongoing maintenance (Whole of Life Costs) will be borne by the State Government rather than be taken from the project budget as it was in 2018/19.

There will also be an opportunity for experienced attenuator builders to submit their own design tender.

These changes should ensure that the project comes in under budget but until the tender process is complete, hopefully, late this year, we cannot be completely confident.

The notice on the NSW Government’s tendering portal gives potential attenuator builders an opportunity to prepare for the formal tenders:

The accompanying Question and Answer document provides substantial information about the project and details about the tendering and assessment process:

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