Snug Cove Safe Harbour Project Back on Track

By adding an additional requirement that Expressions of Interest (EOI) for the Snug Cove attenuator must include “future proofing” for a marina, Crown Lands have potentially put the Safe Harbour Project back to its original goal of creating jobs and economic activity for Eden.

Ministers Constance and Toole are to be congratulated for encouraging this amendment.

Clearly many of the design features of the original attenuator would have excluded the construction of a safe harbour or a commercially viable marina in Snug Cove.

Concern was expressed in multiple representations from POEM and many residents of Eden and the local region. Fortunately, these seem to have been accepted by the key decision makers.

However, Eden is not there yet.

The next step is to comment on the Review of Environmental Factors and then to work to ensure that the tender process actually delivers the best possible safe harbour and marina conditions for Snug Cove.

But for Xmas, POEM will settle for “a wave climate should be created that facilitates the existence of a potential future marina”- Eden Safe Harbour Project Addendum 2.

The document is available here.

Rob Bain, POEM Secretary

0418 622791