POEM Reference List

The main documents relied on by POEM are as follows. All are available on request.

1. Australian Cruise Association, Economic Impact Assessment of the Cruise Shipping Industry, AEC Group Ltd, Brisbane, Number of visits by port, various issues.

2. Infrastructure NSW, Restart-NSW, Investment Appraisal, Port of Eden Project-Wharf Infrastructure, October 2013.

3. International Marina Consultants Pty Ltd, Port of Eden, Wave Protection and Marina Feasibility, July 2012.

Note: Replacement page for financial projections for years 6 to 11

4. International Marina Consultants, Reduced Marina Diagram, November 2015

5. Maritime Safety Management Systems, Review of Proposed Cruise Ship Arrangements in the Port of Eden, November 2015.

6. International Marina Consultants, Panel Breakwater Prop Wash Issues, December 2015.

7. International Marina Consultants, Marina and Cruise Ship Planning, November 2015.

8. Bellingham Marine Australia Ltd, Re: John Leman, International Marina Consultants, December 2015.

9. International Marina Consultants, Diagram of Port of Eden Reduced Marina – Option A, November 2015.

10. SMC Marine Pty Ltd, Glebe, NSW, Eden Marina Fixed Breakwall, December 2015.

11. Coriolos Marine, Eden Marina Project Report, June 2012.

12. Transport for NSW, Eden Marina Survey March 2014

13. Eden Chamber of Commerce, Development Application 2014.430, Cattle Bay Marina proposal 2015

The professional qualifications and experience of International Marina Consultants and Marine Safety Management Systems are also available.

As well as members with a great deal of local practical on water experience, POEM has a good depth of expertise in economics, engineering, business and science.

We have letters of support from:
1. Cruising Yacht Club of Australia
2. Marine and Safety Tasmania
3. Boat Owners Association of NSW
4. Yachting Queensland
5. Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania
6. Tamar Yacht Club
7. Hobsons Bay Yacht Club
8. Ocean Racing Club of Victoria
9. Yachting South Australia
10. Cruising Yacht Club of SA
11. Eden Amateur Fishing Club
12. Eden Slipway Services
13. Eden Killer Whale Museum
14. Regional Development Australia
15. Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron
16. Middle Harbour Yacht Club
17. Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club
18. Royal Motor Yacht Club
19. Marina Industry Association of Australia
20. Eden Chamber of Commerce
21. Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre
22. Eden Sport and Game fishing Club
23. Eden Service and Social Club
24. Island Cruising Association (NZ)

At least some of these probably support a combination of both the marina and the cruise ship projects