A Blueprint for Investment and Jobs in Eden

April 2015

The Snug Cove Safe Harbour and Marina

The Maritime Hub for Southern New South Wales

Aim: To stimulate local investment and jobs by attracting tourists, holidaymakers, fishers, retirees, investors and developers to Eden and the south east region on a year round basis.

Strategy: To create a modern, attractive, safe, busy, user friendly port and precinct in Snug Cove with the involvement of the Eden community, neighbouring land owners and lease holders, fishing and mussel industries, the State Government, the Bega Valley Shire Council and other stakeholders.

Issues: Aims and Opportunities

POEM does not claim to have the answers to all the following issues but we believe they need to be at least addressed upfront. Also, we are not claiming that our list is exhaustive. We are sure that, as stakeholders are consulted, more issues will be raised.

1. The Attenuator

  • Tight cost control: maximum synergy between the attenuator and breakwater wharf projects.

Cost may become a major issue.
International Marina Consultants have estimated the Snug Cove attenuator to cost $4.2m. Royal Haskoning GHD have estimated that the more exposed Cattle Bay attenuator would cost between $2.1m and 2.7m. These estimates were made in 2012 and would probably be moderately higher today.
Royal Haskoning also carried out a feasibility study of the Snug Cove attenuator project in late 2014 but this has not been made publicly available as at March 2015.

  • Construction of the safe harbour land fill area in conjunction with the dredging for the cruise ship berth
  • If possible, public access to the attenuator should be provided for as this is important to attract tourists to Snug Cove 365 days per year
  • Consultation on the impact on existing mooring lessees

2. The Marina

  • Minimum of 190 berths to maximise economic benefits for Eden
  • Convenient contact, booking and supervision/staffing arrangements for marina users
  • Crown Lands lease charges to be set at a level to promote marina occupancy.
  • Power and water to be provided to berths
  • Sewage disposal arrangements to be available
  • Security and lighting to provide adequate access and protection of vessels in the marina
  • Convenient amenities block and laundry
  • Long term and short term parking to be available
  • Fuel availability to be adequate
  • Administration building/cafe facilities close to marina
  • Consultation with neighbouring residents

3. The Skinny Wharf

  • “Bow in” berths for visiting vessels on eastern side of wharf
  • Other amenities as per the marina

4. Victoria Terrace

  • Development to complement marina
  • Direct access to marina from Eden CBD
  • Tourist facilities: walkway and lookout at Thompsons point
  • Consultation with neighbouring resident The Snug Cove precinct
  • Redevelop for tourism focus
    • Convenient access for people with mobility difficulties
    • Walkway and viewing platform on main breakwater
    • Redevelopment/removal/replacement of existing buildings similar to Bermagui
    • Development of Rijs (BP) and Mobil sites
    • Adequate and convenient parking
    • Safe, well designed intersections

5. Public Relations/Tourist Promotion

  • Regular briefing and consultations with the Eden community/Harbour Master/Marine Rescue/Water Police
  • News articles in local media
  • Promotion to the boating/fishing community: direct contact with clubs and associations/media/boat shows
  • Amateur fishing clubs and events.
  • Yachting events: local and cruising/racing from other NSW and interstate clubs
  • International yacht cruising programs
  • Contact with East Gippsland/Monaro/ACT tourism organisations

PDF version of this report here